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At the fund, scale is critical to what we do - we only fund innovations that have the potential to scale to reach millions of people. However we fund organisations at various stages on their path to scale - find out more about our staged financing approach here. We also see multiple pathways to scale:

  • Private sector scaling through self-generated revenues and growth via injections of market-based capital
  • Public sector scaling through support from governments or non-profits/donor organizations
  • Hybrid scaling through a combination of support from both the private and public sectors

When we think about pathways to scale, we find it useful to explore who implements and who pays for the innovation at scale. For example, an education innovation may have a private sector scaling pathway,whereby education is paid for by parents and implemented by a private company at scale. Alternatively, another education innovation may have a public sector scaling pathway,whereby education is paid for by government, and implemented in government-run schools. Whatever the pathway to scale, we want to understand what gives the innovation the potential to be operationally, financially, socially and politically viable when serving millions of people.