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Valid Nutrition

A £120,000 grant to test a new food supplement in Malawi that can be made with local ingredients and which is intended to reduce the cost of combating acute malnutrition in children.

Investment Overview

1-2 million

Number of avoidable child deaths associated with malnutrition

Local and Ready-To-Use

Reduces costs, extends access and benefits the local manufacturers and farmers
Heath and Nutrition

Valid Nutrition

Health and Nutrition | Malawi | Pilot


  • The development problem. Fifty million children suffer from acute malnutrition, which is associated with between 1-2 million avoidable child deaths every single year.


  • The innovation. Valid’s innovation aims to combat malnutrition by manufacturing exclusively in developing countries an affordable, ready-to-use food supplement paste made out of locally grown crops.  In partnership with Ajinomoto, a leading Japanese food technology company, Valid aims to reduce production costs and extend access to the life-saving food paste, whilst channelling economic benefits back to local manufacturers and farmers.


  • GIF’s Investment. GIF’s £120,000 grant will support an efficacy trial of Valid’s food paste, building upon earlier successful clinical and acceptability trials.


  • Why we invested.
    • Cost-effectiveness.  If successfully trialed, Valid’s innovation has the potential to be a more cost-effective way to treat malnutrition. Cost-savings could lead development partners to increase the number of children they treat, while local sourcing could also improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers.
    • Potential to scale. Valid has significant potential to scale the innovation directly and to spur further innovation and local production elsewhere. The partnership assembled between Valid and Ajinomoto is strong.