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A £1.6m equity investment in mClinica, a digital network of pharmacies in South East Asia which aims to increase the availability and affordability of essential medicines and to improve adherence to regimens. 

Investment Overview

Philippines and Vietnam


Health | Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam | Test and Transition


The development problem: For a low-income patient in South East Asia, access to affordable medicines is a major challenge.  The private pharmacy market is both fragmented and low capacity, meaning stock often runs out and high prices are common place.  What’s more, low levels of health education can lead to low levels of regimens completion.  For the healthcare provider or policy-maker, a lack of information on what is being sold and how customers are behaving makes it difficult to make data-driven decisions that could improve health outcomes created by their programmes and/or services.

The innovation: mClinica is growing a digital network of pharmacies which, through mobile technology, provides patients with discounts and health advice, in return for collecting prescription data, similar to existing products in higher income countries.  mClinica is therefore transitioning an established innovation to a challenging low resource setting where, to date, few have managed to implement effectively.  This previously untapped source of data enables analysis of key health trends in real time and garners insights that can advise healthcare policy and patient engagement strategies.

GIF’s investment: GIF’s £1.6m equity investment will help expand mClinica’s network of pharmacies, which will reduce healthcare expenditures and improve health outcomes for the poor in South East Asia.

Why we invested:

  • An intervention that addresses multiple constraints for low income populations in South East Asia (access, affordability, adherence)
  • Rich big data sources that enable data-driven decision making and thoughtful analysis of social impact
  • Large potential to scale due to a capital light business model and significant customer demand
  • A motivated and knowledgeable team that is driven   to grow the innovation