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GIF Launching New Application Platform: Temporary Closure Sept. 16-19

The Global Innovation Fund is excited to announce the launch of our new application and investment management platform.

The new system will make the experience of submitting an application more straightforward and will expanded reporting and collaboration capabilities for GIF and for our partners.

To facilitate this migration, the GIF application window will be temporarily closed from Friday, September 16 through Monday, September 19.

We Hear You! GIF's Customer Service Commitments to Applicants


We are striving to improve our customer service

We hear you! In our efforts to improve our customer service to our community of applicants and investees, we have been gathering some feedback to understand what innovators value when interacting with potential funders like the Global Innovation Fund. This blog summarises the key messages we have heard from innovators, and explains how we are striving to action this feedback.

The Digital Innovation Divide

A few weeks ago, the Financial Times led with a story about the breakthrough innovations springing up from technology start-ups across the African continent. In the article, entitled Smart Africa, the author likens the mobile phone to the steam train in 19th century Europe. He quotes veteran Africa investor Miles Morland, “what the Great Western Railway was to Victorian England, the mobile networks are to Africa”. The opportunity is clear.

2,000+ Pitches Later: How to Improve Your Odds

Since opening for business in the end of September 2015, we have received over 2,000 applications and have reviewed 98% of them. We have seen some very promising applications, and they have common threads. The most promising ones propose approaches that clearly have the potential to be better than existing development practice, they have or will obtain hard evidence of their impact, they have a stellar team, and they have credible plans to reach millions of people living on less than $5 a day.