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Application questions

Global Innovation Fund's Application Questions

The first step in the fund’s application process is to submit an Initial Application via our online platform. Your initial application will be assessed against our application criteria - Innovation and Impact, Potential to Scale, Measuring Success and Team. For more information on whether you are a good fit, see "Am I a good fit for the Global Innovation Fund?".

There is a limit on length of initial applications - up to 4 pages, or 12 slides.

Innovation and Impact

  • What is your innovation and how does it solve a development challenge?
  • Why does the innovation have the potential to be better than other ways of addressing the challenge (to lower costs and/or increase impact)?
  • What evidence supports this claim?
  • GIF supports innovations that improve the lives of people living on under $5 PPP a day, and especially under $2 PPP a day. Please describe your customers and beneficiaries.
  • What progress have you made so far?

Potential to Scale

  • GIF supports innovations that will ultimately improve the lives of large numbers of people (typically in the millions)  through private sector, government, international donors/nonprofit organisations, or a combination. How will your innovation reach this scale?
  • Who might implement and pay for your innovation at scale?
  • What key challenges do you expect as you and/or others scale the innovation?

Measuring Success

  • What do you hope to accomplish with funding from GIF? Please be as specific as possible, inlcuding numbers (where possible) to quantify what sucess looks like.
  • How do you intend to track progress or evaluate the impact of your innovation (methods and key metrics)?


  • Why is your team well-placed to deliver your innovation?

  • Please fill out the table below for your key team members / partner organisations (if applicable)

    Team member     


    Key skills & experiences they will contribute to making the innovation a success



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